Mike Benziger

Mike Benziger was born in White Plains, New York but his family migrated to Sonoma when he was only four years old. He considers himself, for all intents and purposes, a Sonoma native, as his formative years were spent wiling away his time at his family’s winery, Benziger, and causing mayhem with his cousins on the winery grounds. As a teenager, he stood out in Sonoma as a star basketball player and recruitment from a New York college lead him to obtain his undergraduate degree in Business Management and History from Manhattanville College. Out of college, he joined Young’s Market Company as a sales representative and learned the chain store business. Somewhat disenchanted with the lack of romance and mystery in straight-ahead chain sales, he went to work for a collective winery tasting room in San Francisco’s iconic wharf district. Mike’s interest in the wine business became more of an obsession after a winemaking internship at his family’s winery. Being intimately involved in all aspects of winegrowing and winemaking during his internship; from working the canopy in the vineyard, to picking grapes, to the crush, punch-downs, barreling down, topping off the barrels: every aspect of wine production (which involves countless hours of washing and re-washing every winery tool imaginable!) he decided to pursue the wine business with an even greater degree of commitment and seriousness. Mike often says that he finally found his mode of creative expression when he discovered winemaking.  Mike joined forces with boyhood friend, Ben Flajnik, and in 2008 they launched Envolve Winery.
Ben Flajnik
Ben Flajnik was raised in Sonoma with an irrepressible urge to dream big and make music. An accomplished musician, he began life with an innate entrepreneurial spirit which lead him at an early age to explore the music business. Following a colorful, fun and memorable childhood in Sonoma, Ben pursued Music Production at University of Arizona. While still playing and making music, Ben established a highly successful internet advertising company in San Diego but could never quite shake the desire to make wine, having been raised in Sonoma wine country alongside friends, like Mike Benziger, whose families worked in the wine industry. When Mike Benziger suggested they finally create the brand they’d both only dreamed about, he didn’t hesitate together they established Envolve Winery in 2008.  “We couldn’t have done this without Mike’s family. They’ve been great with us. They’ve functioned as our mentors, our inspiration and have provided us with great resources to do what we want to do. You never make this journey alone and Mike and I couldn’t have done this without the kind folks at Benziger.” In his 28th year, Ben was seen on ABC’s “The Bachelorette”, an experience that he describes as equal parts “bittersweet and revelatory. That experience really allowed me to open myself up a bit more. That’s a tremendous gift. I became not only a better son and brother from that. I’d like to think I became a better man, too. We’ll see.” Ben will soon be seen on ABC’s “The Bachelor”, which he views as a genuine journey is making, to discover not only love, but also, more about himself as a man.
Danny Fay
British by blood, Californian by accent, and French by education, Danny Fay is a true citizen of the globe. Born in Oxford, England, his family later migrated to Sonoma, California when he was just 10 years old. At 12, Mike’s dad accidently drilled Danny in the chin with a fastball during batting practice; they’ve been best friends ever since. He holds a Wine Marketing B.S. from Cal Poly (SLO) and a Wine MBA from Bordeaux Ecolé de Management in France. For the last 2 years, he has been backpacking the world, making wine in California and Australia, while studying biodynamic winemaking in New Zealand and France. In 2011, Fay assumed his role at Envolve Winery as Managing Director of Brand Development, a position well-suited to his personality, as Danny finds the greatest rewards can be found in sharing wine with consumers who may have previously found it too mysterious to understand. Indeed, Danny’s mission is to demystify wine for the average consumer and to introduce them to its many joys and delights. “For me, the greatest thing about wine is that it seems to bring people together, in these moments in time, when everyone is relaxed, happy to be around one another, and grateful for that specific moment of leisure.”